22 Useful tools for Web Developers

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As web developers, we may use many tools to validate and optimize our website, find icons, check browser compatibility, and many many more. In this post, I have listed 22 useful tools for web developers.

Let’s get started!


HTML and CSS validation is one of the most important steps in web development not only for coding best practices reasons but for SEO purposes also.

HTML Validation

1. W3C Markup Validator

A Mark Up Validation Service by W3C. The “foundations”. When we construct a building, we start from the foundations. So I believe that HTML markup is the foundations of a website. HTML as a language is not difficult but even an experienced developer could make a mistake (e.g. duplicate id on the same page).

CSS Validation

2. W3C CSS Validator

A CSS Validation Service by W3C. As I mentioned above, CSS validation is a very important step in web development.


3. AChecker

This tool is used to ensure the content can be accessed by everyone. Sometimes the needs of the website include access by disabled people.


4. Can I Use

“Can I Use” is a tool that provides up-to-date browser support of front-end web technologies.

5. Autoprefixer

Autoprefixer is a tool that parses your CSS and adds vendor prefixes to CSS rules for better browser compatibility.


A website must be fast and the page load should be as small as possible. This is more important when we talk about mobile. Check this post by Google for more information.

6. Google Page Speed Insights

A tool by Google to check your website’s speed and performance and get suggestions for improvement.

7. GTmetrix

Also a speed and performance optimization tool. Check your website and get a report for improvements.

8. Mobile-Friendly Test

A necessary tool by Google to check if your website is working properly on mobile devices.

9. Test My Site

Test My Site is another tool by Google that you can use to find out your mobile page speed.

10. CSS Compressor

A CSS compressor tool to make your site load faster by reducing code size.

11. Javascript Minifier

An online JavaScript Minifier/Compressor tool.


In web development, we may need different types of web fonts. These are some tools for generating a font type to other formats. For more information about web fonts have a look at W3Schools.

12. Web Font Generator

13. Transfonter

In addition, if you want to make a website but you don’t have a design by a designer and you wondering about what fonts to use, you can check Google Fonts. You can use it for free!

14. Google Fonts


Icons are used for social media, email, arrows, cart e.t.c, on a website. These are some useful tools.

15. Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a very popular icon toolkit based on CSS.

16. Font Awesome (Bootstrap)

Font Awesome, Bootstrap version.

Sometimes, including Font Awesome library for using only a few icons, is not a very good idea because this increases the page load. If you need only a few icons, for social media let’s say, you can you Fontello.

17. Fontello

Fontello allows you to select only the icons you need and download the style only for these icons.

18. Flaticon

Flaticon is a very useful tool to find the icons you need and download them as vectors. If you are a registered user it allows you to choose the color you want for each icon.


Cookies on a website is a very important matter, especially with GDPR compliance.

19. Cookiepedia

Cookiepedia is a database with a list of categorized cookies. You can search a specific cookie tag and find what’s the purpose of it. In addition, Cookiepedia allows you to scan your website to find what cookies are used.


Many times web developers need to handle various JavaScript events like a mouse click, a keyboard press, and more. For this reason, developers have to know the JavaScript event keycodes.

20. Keycode.info

With this website, you can easily find a keycode by pressing a button from your keyboard. In addition, you can find a list of keycodes.


21. Diffchecker

There are times that you need to compare two files and find the differences. Let’s say an older and a newer version of a file. Diffchecker is a very nice tool for it.

22. Unminify.com

Unminify is a useful online tool that unminifies JavaScript, CSS and HTML code to make it more readable.

In this post, I listed 22 useful tools for web developers. Keep coding!

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