Ten Brinke Residence

Ten Brinke Residence


Ten Brinke is a developing builder and a building developer. As a strong, vigorous partner, Ten Brinke operates at the very heart of the real estate process, seizing opportunities even before they materialize.

This is an independent website that hosts the residences of the Ten Brinke construction company.

I have developed a management system for real estate properties in WordPress, that allows the client to add new properties that will be shown on the website.

I have also developed the website (the front-end system) in which, the final user can search the property that looks for, with filtering options and regions autocomplete.

Key Points

  • Web Design (according to the parent site tenbrinke.com)
  • Web Development
  • Properties Management System
  • Custom Theme
  • Responsive Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • Back End + Front End
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